Setting new standards

Research and development plays an essential role at KÖNIG. Our team of engineers and technical experts operates in an optimal development environment while setting milestones with customers in the field of high performance engines. The research and prototype department maintains close contact with scientific institutes and universities, thus allowing innovations and unique selling propositions with extensive industrial property rights to emerge.

Ensuring and improving processes

Thanks to their high level of experience and expertise, KÖNIG employees are able to ensure superb manufacturing quality. Up-to-date production facilities with stable production processes maximize the quality components produced while improving capacity as well. Sophisticated and approved inspection and testing procedures underpin part quality thus ensuring the company’s sustainable commercial success, and its continuous development as well as increasing the race wins of our customer.

Lead by quality

KÖNIG creates a high level of quality, including remarkable PPM values (part per million). We excel by continuously improving and auditing our products, processes, and services. Fully integrated quality management starts with co-operation with the customer and involves all participants – suppliers, employees and customers.

ISO 9001 (English)

ISO 14001 (English)

Customer orientation is key

As a system provider, we develop and deliver the entire system with perfectly coordinated engine components. You as the customer have choice to determine the scope of the system assembly. The piston assembly with piston, piston rings, piston pin and circlip individually or pre-assembled into an appropriate cylinder, or alternatively with the associated cylinder head. All those variants are possible to produce. Purchasing a system assembly, you will benefit from a considerable reduction in assembly work thus saving both; time and money.