Engine design element

In addition to the performance of motorcycles, cosmetics, aesthetics, design and purism are in demand. These attributes reflect a trend in motorcycle models. For these reasons, more and more motor-parts are powder-coated in various colors, mainly black and grey. These surfaces must meet quality requirements and be without any impairments.

Taking this fact into account, KÖNIG developed the ELKOsil® process in a long evaluation process, where the medium nickel-silicon-carbide does have contact to powder-coated surfaces, because every contact of the medium with the those surfaces might have an impact to cosmetic quality, looks ugly and can’t be removed.

The new process ensures that the bore-surfaces of cylinders that have already been painted and fully machined are coated without attacking the paint or any finished fittings. This process is unique in the world and opens new avenues of design and competitive advantage for motorcycle manufacturers.

The entire knowledge and experience from several decades regarding the coating of cylinder bore-surfaces flowed into the unique and newly developed “flow coating”.

We are proud to have this modern plant in operation, because we are convinced that this is the next milestone in securing the location in Austria.

KÖNIG is the one and only company in Europe that can offer three coating processes, namely submerging, flow-through and flooding.

Since the beginning of this year, production has been successful on the “flood coating system”. Our customers appreciate this technological leap, which is reflected in the already good utilization of the system.

Last, but not least, the new plant protects the environment. Through the efficient application of the medium and closed-circuit operation, we reduce the water consumption to one sixth and the chemical consumption to two thirds of the original consumption. Green thumbs up!