Environmental Management 2022

Environmental protection concerns us all. Therefore, sustainability is at the top of our organization. When making investments, we always take reduction of emissions into account. For us, environmental protection is more than a legal obligation.

In KÖNIG’s environmental management department, we do not support the environment and the climate only, but also reduce consumption of resources, promote circular economy and set a good example for employees. This takes place in many areas of our company, such as waste management and emission control through the usage of regenerative energy producers or through sustainable mobility management. As a result of the casting process, keeping air clean is very important, so we were able to put the new exhaust air and heat recovery system into operation at the beginning of this year. The result is excellent, and investment pays for itself over the years thanks to the reduction in energy consumption. Water is also an important raw material in our company. In addition to the well-known uses, we use it for cooling within casting process, for the preparation of cooling lubricants and for operation of the ELKOsil® system. To ensure that the waste water also gets clean back into the cycle here, we operate our own waste water treatment, accompanied and monitored by company’s laboratory.

The projects, completed in 2022, is giving evidence, that we’re really living sustainability in our operational activities.