Honor for 773 royal years

Due to the corona, this year’s anniversary celebration, which we wanted to celebrate together with the anniversaries from 2020, also had to be cancelled.
In November, the congratulations and gifts were given in small events and in three groups in the house. The management thanked the anniversaries who were honored for 12, 25, 35 or 45 years for their 773 royal years with the company. The company management also congratulated the apprenticeship graduates on their positive results.

Managing director Christoph Hackl compared the many years of membership in the company with very important pillars, which are also load-bearing elements in buildings, and together with his colleague Herbert Brandstötter, HR manager Walter Natter and works council Thomas Jutz thanked them for the longstanding loyalty. The jubilees Walter Mathies, Reinhold Pasterk and Siegfried Lins with 45 years and Markus Stark and Hansjörg Krieber with 35 years with the company were particularly praised for their long-term loyalty and their commitment to the company.

The management would like to have many more years with KÖNIG from the apprenticeship graduates who continue to work in the company.